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Obtaining clean drinking water is essential for human life. But it is precisely this elementary resource that is rapidly dwindling in various regions of the world. In order to guarantee a seamless water cycle, we use our fittings to ensure safe, hygienically harmless transport and distribution of drinking water worldwide. A goal that we have been committed to realizing as a medium-sized and independent company since the founding of CTV Armaturen & Penstocks GmbH, where our CTV Brandname is well-known for over 20 Years in Europe as well as in the Middle East regions like Saudi Arabia. 

Thanks to the expertise of our team that has been bundled over decades, CTV is now a recognized manufacturer and supplier of valves for the water, energy and industrial sectors. The efficient company organization and our highly motivated employees guarantee innovative solutions of the highest quality, even for specific customer needs. 

Expert advice and the timely dispatch of our goods, which we store in our 1200 m2 production location in Germany, are the basis of good customer service for us. With a wide range of offers, we support each of your projects on time and develop economically efficient solutions even for special needs.

As a manufacturer, CTV Armaturen & Penstocks GmbH has a wide range of valvesw for the drinking water and wastewater sector. Custom-made special fittings and complete solutions are also part of the product range where we also specialize in Customer-Specified solutions with either AUMA Electric actuators, FESTO pneumatic actuators or ROTORK Hand-Operated Gearboxes.

CTV holds several approvals and certifications in order to assure consistent quality of our products, like DIN-EN-ISO-9001, DIN-EN-ISO-3834-2 and DIN-EN-1090. Another fundamental proof of safety is confirmed by the conformity of our valves with the CE marking in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 / EC.

In addition, several of our valves are certified in accordance with the required regulations for drinking water according to German DVGW Approval and English WRAS Approval.

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AUMA electric operated Butterfly Valve  CTV AUMA operated Gate Valves

CTV Absperrklappen DN1200-DN1600  Butterfly Valve DN1600

DN1600 PN16 Butterfly Valves  

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CTV Product Assortment

CTV specializes in the production of valves for the drinking water and sewage market segment where we produce and supply a broad assortment of products with several operation/automation options as Handwheel operated, AUMA Electric actuators, FESTO Pneumatic actuators and more:

  • CTV Model 1: Resilient Seated Gate Valves (DN50-DN1200 - PN10/16/25
  • CTV Model 2:  Metal Seated Gate Valves (DN80-DN2000 - PN10/16/25/40), optional with full Stainless Steel SS-316 wedge
  • CTV Model 5: Knife Gate Valves (DN50-DN1400)
  • CTV Model 6: Check Valves as Non Return Valves, Swing Check Valves, Ball Check Valves and Tilting Type Check Valves
  • CTV Model 9: DVGW and WRAS Approved flanged double eccentric Butterfly Valves DN80-DN2000 - PN10/16/25)
  • CTV Model 10: Wafer and Lug Type Butterfly Valves (DN50-DN1200)
  • CTV Model 11: Air Release Valves
  • CTV Model 13: Plunger Valves
  • CTV Model 14: Y-Strainers
  • CTV Model 21: Penstocks of Stainless Steel SS-316L according DIN-EN-ISO-3834 and EN-1090-Exc.2
  • CTV Model 43: Dismantling Joints
  • CTV Model 50: Cast Iron Fittings


Your personal contact person in CTV will be happy to answer your individual questions, requests and RFQ's.

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